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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Civil, commercial and corporate law, Free Trade Zones, national and international commercial contracts, arbitration and litigation, insurance law.

Nonprofit organizations and trusts.

Labor law: actually, labor related issues involve a great deal of management time. Our experience is that timely consultation and a quick answer before taking certain labor decisions are effective preventive measures. So we have a policy of “open phone” that enables close analysis of potential conflict situations.

We have experience in both individual employment issues and collective bargaining.

Aviation law: we have, among our clients, prestigious airlines. From a legal point of view, aviation is an activity that has many special features: obtaining traffic rights, approvals of agreements between airlines, the relationship between airlines and travel agents, aviation claims and insurance, among others. In all these matters we can provide effective advice.

Maritime and Port: maritime transportation and port operation are two of the most dynamic economic areas in Uruguay and require special expertise. The regulation of port and airport warehouses, foreign trade activity, carrier’s liability, economic operations within free port areas and the associated benefits, among many others, are issues in which both carriers and their clients need legal advice almost on a daily basis.

Tax Law
The increasing complexity of tax regulations requires updated and clear advice. We can help our clients to identify the problem and provide the solution, collaborating also in the process of its implementation.

Real Estate and Public Notary services. We rely on the support of an experimented Public Notary that can fulfill the needs of both individuals and companies in these areas.